Family History Writers Group

Family History Writers Group

Zoom meeting.

Organizer:  Tricia Carleton

The Family History Writers Group is composed of individuals who enjoy writing, or who want to learn to write about themselves and/or family topics. This is an informal, unconventional approach to writing, and the agenda is essentially the same every month:

  • Attend Writers Group meetings every month, if possible
  • Write something to share with the group every month
  • Read your writing aloud to the group; indicate on your work where you need to edit
  • Listen to others’ writing presentations; make positive comments about others’ work
  • Gather inspiration for your own future writing from the topics presented by others
  • …and the conversation continues over lunch at a local restaurant if your schedule permits

If you’ve ever thought you should write a life history for your children and grandchildren, or that you should write some of the funny stories your parents told—join our Family History Writers Group.

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Oct 12 2022


10:00 am


Zoom meeting

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