Pioneers of Cleveland County

Pioneers of Cleveland County, O.T.

Do you have ancestors who lived in Cleveland County prior to statehood? You can honor those ancestors by nominating them for inclusion in the Pioneers of Cleveland County, O.T. Registry sponsored by the Cleveland County Genealogical Society.
The purpose of the Registry is to recognize individuals who settled in Cleveland County during Oklahoma’s Territorial days, and to compile for the Cleveland County Genealogical Society Library a body of records and family information relating to those pioneers. These records are placed on file in the CCGS Library for use by future researchers.
You will receive a certificate recognizing your contribution of information to the family files in the Cleveland County Genealogical Society Library.

Requirements for Entry into the Registry

  1. Make an application for each eligible ancestor into the Registry.
  2. Provide documentation proving your pioneer ancestor’s residence in Cleveland County between 22 April 1889 and 15 November 1907. Proof documents may include territorial, state, or U.S. census, or a copy of a land patent or tax list.
  3. Provide documentation proving the generational links for each generation between the applicant and the pioneer ancestor. This proof may include Bible records, birth or death records, or territorial, state, or U.S. Census records.
  4. Provide additional materials to personalize the Pioneer’s life story. This may include photographs, family stories, a biography, or a first-person account made by or about the Pioneer.

Contact CCGS to secure an application and instructions.


Pioneers of Cleveland County, Oklahoma Territory

2022 Honored Pioneers

Amanda Lancaster Hughes

2019 Honored Pioneers 

Major Temple Wright & Emma Eudora Brooks

2017 Honored Pioneers

William Dock January & Emily Elizabeth Caldwell
Frank A. Bruce & Amelia S. Luckcuck

2016 Honored Pioneers
James Pleasant Corbett & Mary Elizabeth Sizemore
John “Jack” Kahoe & Phoebe Mary McKee

2015 Honored Pioneers
Aaron David English & Edward Blanche Newby
Oscar Haynes & Elmer Faubion
Luna Faubion & Sarah Amanda Haynes

2014 Honored Pioneers
Charles Greemore & Lydia Alice Copeland
Robert Monroe Evans & Anna M. Greemore
James Henry Bennett & Lucy Jane Smith
Phillip Sullivant & Mary Elizabeth Bennett
George Washington Lewis & Nora Sullivant
William Doc January & Emily Elizabeth Caldwell
Lewis Albert Hall & Anna Catherine Asher
Leslie C. Hall & Amelia Dorothea Jahn
Ira H. Young & Sallie Elsie Hooper