CCGS Collections

Prior to the transfer of many of CCGS’s library materials to the Norman Public Library Central, the CCGS library contained the material below.

Some  material is still available only at CCGS.  If you are interested in any of the below, please contact us at (405) 701-2100 or [email protected], and we will do our best to locate the information.

Cleveland County, Oklahoma Collection

The Indexing Projects

  • Cleveland County cemeteries, all except Resthaven
    • NEW! The 45 Cleveland County Cemetery Books have now been digitized and are available here: . In your genealogy work, have you ever needed to find a cemetery marker for a relation or needed information from a grave stone, like dates of birth and death of a relative? Well, for the 45 Cleveland County Cemeteries it’s all here now, free of charge! Ever wondered how many cemeteries are near your home town? The location of the Catholic or Jewish cemeteries in the county? How many historically African American or Native American cemeteries are in the county? Or even information on the graves that had to be moved when Lake Thunderbird was developed in 62′-65.’ Then this database is for you!
  • Cleveland County divorces, 1890-1950
  • Cleveland County Civil Court records, 1890-1909
  • Cleveland County land patents, 1891-1909
  • Cleveland County marriages, 1890-1942
  • Cleveland County naturalizations, 1890-1930
  • Cleveland County probates, 1890-1970
  • Cleveland County tax books, 1891, 1893, 1895
  • Cleveland County widows’ pension records, 1915-1940
  • Norman Funeral Home records
    • Meyer & Meyer, 1918-1958
    • Primrose, 1933-1999
    • Mayes, 1956-1992
    • Guardian/Mayes, 1993-2007

Scrapbook Projects

Marriages & Engagements, 1990-2010

  • Clippings from the Norman Transcript

Obituaries, 1990-2010

  • Clippings from Norman Transcript
  • Each notebook covers 6 months or 12 months
  • Contents of each notebook are indexed by surname


  • An ongoing project
  • Stories may feature any community located in Cleveland County
  • Individual binders for Moore, Noble, Lexington, and Norman

Notable Persons

  • An ongoing project
  • Stories of people from the communities of Cleveland County
  • Binders are subdivided when needed, always retaining alphabetical arrangement by surname

Vertical Files

Surname Files

  • Limited to persons who have lived in Cleveland County

Locality Files

  • Limited to locations in Oklahoma, with broad coverage of locations in Cleveland County, Oklahoma

Subject Files

  • Limited to genealogy topics that are not included in the Surname or Locality files

Local Historians

John Womack

  • Womack is the eminent historian of Cleveland County. A postal employee, he visited with the old settlers, researched in the courthouse and library, and published two books recording the early history of Cleveland County, in addition to several smaller, limited-edition publications.

Bonnie Speer

  • Speer wrote and published a photographic essay of Cleveland County history.

Orion M. Burkett

  • Burkett, a long-time educator in Cleveland County, wrote two books about his lifetime experiences in Cleveland County.

Mae D. Cox

  • Cox writes about the people and communities in southern Cleveland County, which was the most heavily populated part of the county in the early days.

Gregory Boyd

  • Boyd publishes a series of books that depict the location of original land-owners.

Cleveland County Historical Society

  • The local historical society published two books about early families in Cleveland County.

Other Resources


  • Norman City Directory, 1908
  • Norman City Directory, 1926
  • Norman Telephone Directory, 1955
  • Norman Cross-Index Directory, 1957
  • Norman Telephone Directories, 1965-2012

School Yearbooks

  • Moore High School Timekeeper 1968-1973
  • Norman High School Trail 1903-2005
  • University High School Schooner 1922-1972
  • University of Oklahoma Sooner 1920-1999

Church Histories

  • Bethel Baptist Church, Norman
  • Churches of Christ, Cleveland County
  • First Baptist Church, Norman
  • First Presbyterian Church, Norman
  • McFarlin Memorial United Methodist Church, Norman
  • St. John’s Episcopal Church, Norman

Microfilm Collection

Our Library holds an extensive collection of microfilm focusing mostly on Cleveland County, Oklahoma Territory, Indian Territory, and State of Oklahoma.

  • Early-day Cleveland County newspapers
  • Indian Pioneer History Collection (random volumes)
  • Oklahoma Tract Books (vols. 1-20)
  • First Territorial Census of Oklahoma: 1890 (7 counties; includes Cleveland County)
  • 1900 Federal Census, Cleveland County, Oklahoma
  • 1910 Federal Census, Cleveland County, Oklahoma
  • Cleveland County Scholastic Census index (1912-1934)
  • Cleveland County Probate files (1893-1929)
  • Cleveland County Mortgage records (1891-1922)
  • Cleveland County Deed records (1890-1921)
  • Cleveland County Tax lists (1891-1895)
  • Cleveland County Marriage records (1890-1922)
  • Cleveland County Divorce records (1890-1950)

Native American History

We encourage those who wish to find their ancestral roll numbers to visit the Oklahoma History Center in Oklahoma City, where the records they seek may be found, and the staff is familiar with the resources.

Indian Territory / Oklahoma Territory / State of Oklahoma

The focus of this part of the Library collection is on the history of the State of Oklahoma and the Twin Territories that preceded statehood.

Family History

We never purchase family history books. We accept most donations of family history books, especially those that include residents of Cleveland County or families related to members of our Society.


Researchers may find information about their early immigrants in indexes in the Genealogy Library collection. Those searching for 19th and 20th century immigrants usually need more specialized resources than our Library offers.