Marriage Indexes

The CCGS Library can provide copies of the marriage records in this index:

1943-1945 Cleveland County Marriages, plus 1890-1950 Lexington, Oklahoma Marriages.

Asterisk (*) means that the couple applied for a license but the application wasn’t returned for filing.

Books: Indexes of Marriages

If you’re researching several surnames then perhaps these booklets are just what you need. Each book contains the Cleveland County marriage records filed for the period indicated. Half of the book is an alphabetized Groom’s Index, the other half lists the Bride’s Index. Each listing gives names of the couple marrying, along with the date they were married. Wonderful information for researchers!

Available books:

  • Marriage Register 1891-1897
  • Marriages 1890-1895
  • Marriages 1896-1901
  • Marriages 1902-1907
  • Marriages 1908-1914
  • Marriages 1915-1922
  • Marriages 1923-1928
  • Marriages 1929-1933
  • Marriages 1934-1938
  • Marriages 1939-1942
  • Combined 1890-1922
  • Lexington Marriages 1909-1932

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